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Assessment Center
An assessment center consists of a standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple inputs. Multiple trained observers and techniques are used. Judgments about behaviors are made, in major part, from specifically developed assessment simulations. These judgments are pooled in a meeting among the assessors or by a statistical integration process.

Essential Features of an Assessment Center

•    Job analysis of relevant behaviors

•    Measurement techniques selected based on job analysis

•    Multiple measurement techniques used, including simulation exercises

•    Assessors’ behavioral observations classified into meaningful and relevant
•    categories (dimensions, KSAOs)

•    Multiple observations made for each dimension

•    Multiple assessors used for each candidate

•    Assessors trained to a performance standard

•    Systematic methods of recording behavior

•    Assessors prepare behavior reports in preparation for integration

•    Integration of behaviors through:
      Pooling of information from assessors and techniques; “consensus” discussion
      Statistical integration process

Assessment Techniques

Interview                                     Projective tests (TAT)

In-basket exercise                               Paper and pencil tests (cognitive
                                                   and personality)
Business game
                                                  Personal history questionnaire
Leaderless group discussion
   (assigned role)                              Autobiographical sketch

A Typical Assessment Center

•    Candidates participate in a series of exercises that simulate on- the-job situations

•    Trained assessors carefully observe and document the behaviors displayed by the participants. Each assessor observes each participant at least once

•    Assessors individually write evaluation reports, documenting their observations of each participant's performance

•    Assessors integrate the data through a consensus discussion process, led by the center administrator, who documents the ratings and decisions

•    Each participant receives objective performance information from the administrator or one of the assessors

Sample scale for rating dimensions

5:  Much more than acceptable: Significantly above criteria required for
   successful job performance

4:  More than acceptable: Generally exceeds criteria relative to quality and
   quantity of behavior required for successful job performance

3:  Acceptable: Meets criteria relative to quality and quantity of behavior
   required for successful job performance

2:  Less than acceptable: Generally does not meet criteria relative to quality
   and quantity of behavior required for successful job performance

1: Much less than acceptable: Significantly below criteria required for
   successful job performance

Types of simulation exercises

In-basket                                 Leaderless group discussion
                                                Assigned roles or not
                                                Competitive vs. cooperative


                                                Sales call
   Peer                                      Production exercise

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