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Complexity of Trainings

Service Sciences Methodology Centre Foundation

(Foundation SZTMK)

 Pioneer organization to bridge the gap between

high/adult education and market requirements

Established in 2007, Service Sciences Methodology Centre Foundation started its operation as a result of an initiative of the Hungarian Service Industry and Outsourcing Association that represents the leading servicing companies in Hungary.

As a response to the challenge of the permanently growing demand for educated AND competent labor force, Foundation SZTMK’s objective is to develop programs that meet the requirements of employers in the service industry and introduce these programs into the education system in Hungary.

Receiving a subsidy from the National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, Foundation SZTMK developed a modern training system and organized 500 people’s education all over Hungary. Beside the education, we organized professional practice period for these students at various places like small/medium sized companies and multinational firms.
Our mission and the thorough cognition of the sector’s demands have led us to successfully establish good relationships with most of the Hungarian universities and colleges of the highest reputation. By using our network in the high- and adult education, we built consortia of universities and colleges and developed BA degree in service science programs.
Whilst initiating, introducing and supporting new, innovative educational programs and methods to be able to meet the expectations of the market, Foundation SZTMK has expanded its scope of activities to provide proper and quality services to its partners.
Besides doing pioneer work in the Hungarian vocational and adult education as well as providing professional assistance, Foundation SZTMK’s present activities include numerous organizing and coordinating tasks as follows:

•    conferences and workshops to exchange views on up-to-date trends and experiences in the service industry
•    a cross-border exchange  of students and teachers
•    building network of relationships among universities in the international environment
•    leading joint projects of accrediting adults’ education programs of 3 universities
•    searching for partners in training activities (adult education institutions and experts of service companies)
•    renewing the methodology for training people for service industry,
•    developing the system of relationships between „the Economy” and training institutes.



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